Jessie's Interview
Starring the following model:
"Student Jessie applies for a job at MostWam"

As with all new girls, we have invited Jessie for her interview, she arrives smartly dressed in her own clothes.

To be interviewed by Lisa.

We give her a practical assessment, we would like to see her test her pie techniques on Lisa, of course, Lisa then gets to show her how it's done by a pro.

Closely followed by Gallons and Gallons of Mud and Gunge.

We think she enjoyed herself?

Includes Wash Off

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Total runtime:3 mins, 29 secs
Date added:6/16/17
Year produced:2017
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"This is how all interviews should go down."
darkduck  28 days ago

I must say that this is an excellent primarily pie video with a bit of gunge at the end.

Jessie both takes and delivers the pies like she has done a number of times before, does not look phased when she gets pied the 1st time and also when she gives Lisa a pie sandwich looks slightly shocked at the amount of cream that flys out from the hits.

The video is very natural and quite funny too. This is the 1st of the Interview videos that I have bought and watched, and if the other ones that feature pies are as good I'll be picking some more of these up I think.

I love the fact they have the trolley of pies (I love this, it enhances the anticipation seeing it wheeled into shot) and Jessie is really good, is well dressed and is wearing great shoes, not what I was expecting when the camera panned down :-)

All in all excellent.

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